Monday, February 19, 2018

New StrongStart, New Fairy News

My granddaughter and I have been visiting a few StrongStart centres
in the Vancouver and Coquitlam school districts.
For me it has been very interesting being on the other side of the child as a visitor.
For my granddaughter it is opening the door to socialization and new play experiences.
We really like a few of the centres because their facilitators are very welcoming
and the environment is calm and inviting.
Our favourite centre so far has a fairy corner.
I was thrilled to see my granddaughter was attracted to it.
Back at my house, her interest in fairies inspired me to do something 
with one of my fairy doors.
I asked my husband to build a room behind the door.
He used hinges so it will open and it has a latch to lock.
I decided that it needed some interior decorating so pulled out
scrapbooking paper to use as wallpaper,
plus some paper for flooring.
I'm leaving it as it is till my grand daughter visits and shows
interest in playing with it.

If it was your fairy house, what else would you add?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Treasure Basket - Red

This month's treasure basket was all about 'red'.
I sat and photographed as she discovered everything that was 
in the basket.
A red kerchief is perfect for playing 'peek-a-boo".
A red truck because she has been learning that her Dad drives a truck.
A red heart shape.
A red ball with a smiley face.
Which looks great as a nose,
or was she smelling it?
It does fit in the heart shape.
Back to the basket she discovered a red hammer.
Tap, tap, tap!
A red dog (also known as Clifford).
She loves dogs and took sometime looking this one over.
A red pegkin with it's own bowl.
It took her a few tries to figure out how to fit the pegkin back into it's bowl.
She persevered and this toy has become her favourite of the basket.
Mom joined us just in time to help with a red zippered toy.
It is a bug zipped inside a heart.
My grand daughter noticed the antenna sticking out and tried to pull them out.
When that didn't work she tried to pull the zippered halves apart.
Mom helped unzip it before she became very frustrated.
All of these 'red' items I found in my home,
no extra purchases were necessary.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Books - The Mitten

All during the month of January "The Mitten" by Jan Brett was my 
grand daughter's favourite book.
It would be her first pick of books to bring to anyone of us to read.
Using that book, I introduced her to felt stories.
As we read the book we introduced each felt character,
let her hold them and really look at each.
The fun part, for her, was taking all the animals out of the mitten 
when the story was finished.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Homemade Fun

What can I make with an empty box and plastic lids?
A new toy for my 13 month old grand daughter.

The toy is made from an empty Kleenex box and the lids from these puree packs.
At first she stood and shook the box.
Then she heard something inside so she sat down and looked inside.
It's natural, when you see something inside, to reach in and try to grab it.
But she had wrapped her hand in a fist around one of the caps
and it would no longer fit through the opening.
She tried to shake it off but that didn't work.
She took her hand out and I stretched the plastic a bit.
That let her grab the caps and pull them out with little difficulty.
She kept at it until she couldn't hear or see anymore inside.
Together we put them back in.
And she started pulling them out again.